Video Tutorial : How to Start

Section Video
Step 1 : Installation

Once you register you reach the download page. If you never downloaded MT4-Progress you need to download the main version on the top of the page. Once downloaded and installed you download the last release in the table below and install it. You should be able to launch the last version. If you have a problem a this point, send me a message by mentioning your window system.

Step 2 : Associate MT4 Platform

Click on the link Add Terminal to integrate your broker platform in Progress Station. A dialog box appears that search all Terminals from look in Folder. By default this folder is Program Files (x86) which is the folder where terminals usually are located. You can change this folder by clicking on Browse if ever you have installed your platform in another folder. During the search process you will see the terminals populating your dialog box. Select the terminal on which you wish to work and Click on Add to Project to integrate it in Progress interface. You can add more than one platform.Only version above 600 can run your projects, olders platforms can be added but you will be asked to download the new version from your broker whenever you want to test your project.

Step 3 : Create Project

To work in Progress you need to create a project or inserting an existing project. The download package comes with MyStrategies Project that you can insert. This is explained in next section. Click on the link Create Project : A dialog Window pops that ask you to give a Name to your project. Projects are created in the folder that you see beside Location. For conveniency reasons keep all your projects in the same folder. By default the location is in C:\Users\MachineName\AppData\Roaming\MT4-Progress. Assure that AppData is not a hidden folder on your machine. If so you should change the properties of MachineName Folder.

Step 4 : Insert Existing Project

The download package comes with an existing project. This project contains simple strategies only as demonstration, no need to take them seriously but gives you a good start to learn how to create your own. In the video we associate this project to the strategy tester and run it. In the next section we will return to our Created Tutorial Project to explain how to modelize ideas and create strategies.