Set the Current Platform

Launch your broker Terminal either like usual or from progress by right-clicking on the terminal line. In the last case a menu appears where you can see the item Launch Terminal.


If you don’t see the navigator window in your MT4 Broker Terminal, Click on the Navigator Button (CTR+N) to see the Navigator window.

2014-10-23 12_35_46-2088819239_ MT4 Provided by MCG - [XAUUSD,M1]

In the Navigator of your broker Terminal you should see three added items in the Indicators Folder : PG_System, PG_Engine and PG_Panel.In the Expert Advisors folder you should see Progress node.Let’s asscociate Progress EA to a currency chart. Drag and Drop Progress in the chart currency EURUSD. For the moment we don’t have any strategies builded so no danger of performing any trade orders. You can associate Progress on other currencies at the same time, but let’s work for the moment on only one currency chart for a better comprehension. Don’t forget to do the steps needed to launch an EA on MT4 platforms. Like to Allow DLL Import….

We assume that Progress EA is now attached to the currency pair EURUSD on the chart.

After we add the progress EA to the currency chart EURUSD, you should see on the upper right part of the chart what is in the figure here.

2014-10-23 14_55_25-2088819239_ MT4 Provided by MCG - [EURUSD,M1 (visual)]Connected means that the Progress EA is connected to the Progress station.  When we drop Progress in a chart window it automatically searches for a Progress Station on your local machine and launch if it is not already launched. It also establishes a connection between Progress EA in MT4 and the Progress Station.


In Progress Station you should see in the symbol window of the currency EURUSD in mode station. 2014-10-23 14_52_50-Progress Trading Station [MT4 Provided by MCG] Strategy Tester On means that a connection is established between Progress EA and the platform for this currency. The mode Off means that we are in disconnected mode. The Green Color indicates that the current currency is EURUSD. The current currency is the one on which you define the Panel and Alerts.

If you close the Progress Station the Not Connected label is displayed in the EURUSD chart.2014-10-25 16_59_52-2088819239_ MT4 Provided by MCG - [EURUSD,M1 (visual)]The Progress EA still runs in the same way but not in connected mode. To launch Progress station again you press the F5 Button in your MT4 Terminal.  If you remove Progress from the EURUSD Chart of your MT4 platform, the mode will instantly turns to Off in the Symbol window of your Progress Station.

Another way to connect to the EA experts on the charts of your MT4 platform from progress Station is showed in the picture below

2015-07-02 21_36_22-Progress Trading Station [Alpari Limited MT4] Normal Mode



The Button TRADE DESK int the Upper Right corner is now Enabled.2014-10-27 17_30_37-Progress Trading Station [MT4 Provided by MCG] Strategy Tester You can switch now from the PROJECTS View to the TRADE DESK View at any moment by clickin on the same button.


Click on the Button TRADE DESK on the Upper-Right Corner to visualize your trading desk.
In the Menu Band you can see when you are in the Trade Desk view that the three Buttons Pilotage Engines, Alerts and Panel are enabled.

2015-05-31 23_19_24-Progress Trading Station [Alpari Limited MT4] Strategy Tester