Until now we have worked on empty project with only the predefined objects. In this section we will show how to create custom objects, system objects, conditions and strategies in our TestProject example.

Click on the button designer and you should see a window like the figure below with TestProject as a Root

2014-10-22 22_00_59-Designer

The tree represents the  project on which you are working.

Predefined Objects. These Objects are explained in the section Objects.

Custom Objects represents common indicators existing in MT4 : MA, ADX,  CCI, ICHIMOKU, BOLLINGER, SAR,RSI, MACD, STOCHASTIC, WPR, ATR, CUSTOM

System Objects are a logical combination of predefined and custom objects defined by the user, allowing him to define  a Buy, Sell,
Exit_Buy, Exit_Sell, Bull and Bear signals. We will explain how to create a System Object in the System Object Section.

Conditions allows to create logical combination of Objects that will be used in its strategy creation.

Strategies is the section containing strategies that we created.