Algorithmic trading has long been the domain of only large companies that have the resources for software engineers to build and execute on every trading strategy.

Progress is a powerful visual programming tool that enables traders to build, test and deploy complex algo trading strategies on MT4 platform.  It provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that will provide anyone — active professional as well as non-professional traders — access to a cloud-based platform for building, back testing, simulating and executing algorithmic trading strategies on the forex market without any knowledge of programming, coding or high-level mathematics.

Progress bypass the limitations of MT4 platform as

  • You can not launch more than one expert on the same chart
  • EA is a black box , and you can not distinguish orders related to your running EA from other trades.
  • You can not take control on your expert once launched. All you can do is to stop it.
  • You can not change the behavior of your EA in run time

Once created parallel strategies can run simultaneously.

A Panel command in Progress  allows you to take hand at any moment for each strategy.

Moreover it offers functionalities like :

Strategy Scheduling
Define your Trading Signals that will notify you by sound, email or graphically.
News in real time.
And many other that we will  look in depth in the tutorial.

In the first part of the tutorial , we will explain all functionalities that are independent from strategies creation. As many traders want only the events triggering of a particular signal or have a particular outlook of their currency charts with alerts.

In the second Part ,  we explain how to create a project, define our indicators and building our strategies. Examples will be provided to explain step by step the process.

The third part goes in depth and explains the functionalities and the languages used.

As you know the challenge for every trader is to do all graphically and that’s what Progress offers.

  • In Progress whenever we mention the term Object this means Indicator in trading term. We have three type of objects : Predefined object, Custom Object and System Object.
  • To use Progress you need the MT4 platform build version > 6 that is downloadable from your Forex company.

 In this tutorial we refer to:

Progress EA as the Expert Advisor on your MT4 Terminal.

Progress Station as the Interface on your machine which interacts with Progress EA.

Object as what we call usually an Indicator like RSI.