Getting Started

The figure below shows the Progress Station once launched.

This is the PROJECTS View of the station. The Upper-Right Button where you can see the Button TRADE DESK is disabled for the moment.

2014-10-26 16_24_19-Progress Trading Station

1 On the left side of the window you have a general view of all your projects. You don’t need to have a forex platform to modelize your projects. You will have to associate it to an MT4 Terminal whenever you want to test it or deploy it.

2 The front Window contains the list of all your Broker MT4 terminals. Projects are Dragged-and-Dropped in the Terminals List either in Terminal Project field or in Tester Project field.

When a project is associated to the Terminal Project field, Progress EA will run this project on your Terminal in Normal Mode.

Progress EA will run the project associated to the Tester Project field, only in the Strategy Tester of the corresponding MT4 Terminal. Project that is deployed for Strategy Tester may be different from the one that runs in Normal Mode.

3 The small window on the right contains all the currency symbols where Progress EA is running.

4 The Window on the down side is an output window that shows the deployment process.