MT4-Progress Software



Contains Major functionalities includes GNU library  and GNU compiler

Size : 58,542KB


*If it is the first time you download the software, Download the main version first and then download the last version in the list below. If it is not the first time just download the last version below, it will update your version.
*If you find bugs or you have questions please add a topic in Assistance. For this click on the yellow button Assistance.

An example of a Project MyStrategies is a good start. Once you launch the software, insert this project from the menu Insert Existing Project by a right-click on the Node Projects, then in the folder MyStrategies double-click on the file

Date Update Version Comment Download File
10/24/2015 Version Integrate Market Opening. News amelioration.Last Version MT4-Progress_setup_r2_1_0_6
10/08/2015 Version Bugs fixed MT4-Progress_setup_r2_1_0_5
9/30/2015 Version Bugs fixed MT4-Progress_setup_r2_1_0_4
9/07/2015 Version Bugs fixed in History MT4-Progress_setup_r2_1_0_3
8/30/2015 Version Interface Modification, Bugs fixed in History, Last Version MT4-Progress_setup_r2_1_0_2
8/15/2015 Version Interface Modification, Bugs fixed MT4-Progress_setup_r2_1_0_1