Create a Project

To work in Progress you need to create a project.
Click on the link Create Project : A dialog Window pops that ask you to give a Name to your project.
Projects are created in the folder that you see beside Location.  For conveniency reasons keep all your projects in the same folder.
By default the location is in C:\Users\MachineName\AppData\Roaming\MT4-Progress.

Assure that AppData is not a hidden folder on your machine. If so you should change the properties of MachineName Folder.
Let’s name our project TestProject as in the figure below and we click the OK button.

2014-10-22 21_31_14-Progress Trading Station

Once you give a name to your project, you see the name appears in the tree Projects on the left of your program as shown in figure below.

2014-10-22 21_31_45-

In the next session and before creating strategies we will explain how we associate a project to an MT4 platform, how to run Progress EA, how to define alerts, how to configure a panel and many other functionalities.