MT4-Progress  a powerful visual programming software that enables traders to build, test and deploy complex algo trading strategies on MT4 platform. It provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that will provide anyone — active professional as well as non-professional traders — access to a cloud-based platform for building, back testing, simulating and executing algorithmic trading strategies on the forex market without any knowledge of programming, coding or high-level mathematics.

MT4-Progress  main features  :

  • You can launch more than one expert on the same chart
  • EA is not a black box , and you can distinguish orders related to your running EA .
  • You can take control on your expert once launched.
  • You can change the behavior of your EA in run time
  • Parallel strategies can run simultaneously

Moreover it offers functionalities like :

  • Strategy Scheduling
  • Define your Trading Signals that will notify you by sound, email or graphically.
  • News in real time.

*For a deeper explanation check the menu Tutorial